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a little sharing

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم
assalamualaikum,  just short note from me. today i'll conduct my group for study circle sister 2 class (cchs 1012). it could be conducted in malay eventhough i just wanna practice my broken english here :-)..
i'm not a leader or a teacher for them, i'm only a sister for them.They have so much hope in this study circle(halaqah). 
most of them are law's student. i am sharing their hope here:
their hope
" increase my knowledge in every aspect of my life and trying to be a better muslimah"
"i'll be happy and get more knowledge in this class to be a better person, if not for others, for myself"
"increse my knowledge/ to know more about islamic knowledge which i do not know/ refresh anf recall about islamic knowledge which i've forgotten"
my motivation
actually, their hope motivated me to be better person. i'm not the best,but still i wanna be the good muslim which can make the others also better on the way to be '…